As the nation prepares to observe Freedom Day on Thursday, Brand South Africa has urged South Africans to respect, preserve and be responsible for their freedom.

South Africa commemorates Freedom Day on Thursday, 27 April, a day honored and remembered for the historic occasion that took place in 1994, when South Africa achieved its first non-racial democratic elections. It is a day which officially marked the end of apartheid and the start of a new democratic era, led by Nelson Mandela, paving the way for the birth of a new Constitution.

“For that, the country is admired for its remarkable history and accomplishments, in particular, obtaining its freedom and for its human rights.

“The country has faced positive as well as negative challenges post-1994, however, these challenges faced by our young democracy need not disintegrate the sacrifices made by of our heroes.

“Brand South Africa calls on all South Africans to join in celebrating Freedom Day responsibly across the country and the continent,” Brand SA said on Wednesday.

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