Transcend is an homage to the former president of the United States of América, Barack Obama.



It is an attitude of determination

It is a concept of conviction

It is to look in front of oneself

Despite the wind, the snow and fire…

We need to transcend our limitations.»



Read this book and discover how to use your creativity in poetry


Category: poetry (English and French)

Date of publication: in August, 2017

Publisher(Editor): Atramenta

ISBN: 978-952-340-058-0

Size(Format): 148x210mm, 58 pages

Pages: black and white on baggy paper 80g

Binding: soft cover, bright finishing

Price : 8,50 €–write–love/585

Edwige Chekpo is a French teacher in adult education. She has published 10 books: poetry, poetic collections for Youths, novel and theater.




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