After their secondary schools, plenty are the secondary school students unwilling to continue the university studies due to the lack of information concerning the scholarship opportunities as well as the realities on the campus in terms the procedures of enrollments.

Being grantees of Grain de Sel Togo Inc. and seeing how vital these pieces of information will be to them, we have decided to organize this awareness-raising tour in order to prepare them for their university life.

Welcomed by the school authorities, Mr. Bamba, introduced BSBIZTOGO Inc. and Grain de Sel Togo Inc. (GDS)  and extended words from head office to the audience.

After that scholarship opportunities were presented by Ms. Adjegan. Then M. Nyadzo followed by giving some explanation about the faculties of the University of Lomé, starting with “Faculté des Lettres”, Langues et Arts (FLLA) and “Faculté de Droit” (FDD).

Requirements for students to be admitted in Faculté des Sciences and Medical studies were later presented by Mses. Edoh and Ahianloho. Mr. Adelan continued the list of faculties with “Faculté des Sciences Humaines et de la Société” (FSHS). Ms Adjegan came again with the graduate schools especially “Ecole Supérieure d’Agronomie” (ESA), Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs (ENSI) and Ecole Supérieure des Assistants Administratifs (ESAAd).

Mr. Follykoe continue in the same vein with Institutes and Centers of the campus particularly: Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Gestion, Institut Confucius, Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l’Education (INSE), and Institut des Sciences de l’Information, de la Communication et des Arts (ISICA).

Overall, it was an exchange where high school students (nearly 200) were explained how they can be prepared for their college studies, what majors are there for them, what requirements should be met in terms of GPA, and they also learnt about the structure and administration of public universities (University of Kara, and Lomé).

Moreover, they got to know all the possible scholarships they can apply for. They asked a lot of questions and interacted with GDS grantees.

To finish, Mr. Bamba thanked the authorities of the schools after the distribution of the orientation records by the grantees.                   

Source: Activities reports of Grain de Sel Inc



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