The advisory board members of the Pan African Humanitarian Summits and Awards have just appointed Karima Rhanem from Morocco as Ambassador and Country Director for the 4th edition of the event set to hold in Morocco with the theme “Africa is My Home: A call for unity and development.


Karima Rhanem was honoured on November 18 in Dar Es-Essalaam in Tanzania at the 3rd edition of the Pan African Humanitarian Summits/Awards with the young Achievers Award on Social Leadership and Nation building alongside 27 other peace-makers for her exceptional contribution and persistent efforts to develop and promote the attainment of peace, integrity, democracy and good governance on the African continent.

Ms Rhanem have won several national and international awards including the Crans Montana forum New Leaders of Tomorrow in 2012 and several other awards in governance, democratic participation, youth empowerment, civil society strengthening and citizen diplomacy. Karima Rhanem is also co-founder of the African Network of Youth Policy Experts where she serves as director of research and strategic studies and supervises the development of an African research and mapping on youth policies.

The Pan-African Humanitarian Summit/Awards is an annual event conceived by the Pan Afrikan Project to identify pertinent issues in Africa with a view to providing a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to sustainable peace and development in Africa. The event also gives proper recognition through the conferment of awards of excellence and distinction to individuals and organizations who have contributed towards the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity. Previous editions of the event have been held in Accra Ghana (2015), Dubai (2016) and Dar Es Salaam Tanzania (2017).

Speaking on the decision of the Board to hold the 4th edition of the event in Morocco, Ambassador Babalola Omoniyi, Founder and Project Coordinator of the event said “Morocco is a gateway to Africa, the Arab and the world at large. A meeting point for civilization, vibrant culture, and distinctive history with an ideal destination for cross cultural interchange and learning. For this purpose, we look forward to bringing 42 countries into Morocco for the 2018 edition of the Pan African Humanitarian Summits/Awards.

Africa is our home and we must consciously make efforts to develop it! As the President of the International Centre for Diplomacy with over 15 years experience in outreach and public policy advocacy, working with and managing youth and civil society programs, We have great confidence in Karima’s abilities to persuade the necessary stakeholders to join us in making Africa Home for All.



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